Fine Art for Windows- Abstract Vintage Design

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Are you looking to add to your art collection or to spruce up rooms in your home with beautiful transparent colors lit up by the Sun?☀️

My fused glass artful panels will certainly brighten your interiors and be uplifting to your spirits for years to come!

I happily present to you a body of work available for pick up or delivery within 60 miles of the San Francisco/San Jose/South Lake Tahoe Corridor. 

This vintage inspired design is quite unique for me. It reminds me of the colors and patterns my mom wore in the sixties. I made it with the intention of suggesting movement. To have a fixed and still piece of fine art that suggests movement it's very interesting to me. Years ago I visited a fort on the California coast and was surprised to learn that glass was a liquid as well as a solid as evidenced by the old window glass. The bottom of the windows we're significantly thicker than the top because of gravity which was amazing to me.

I really loved making it and hope you have a place in your home that will do it justice.

This piece is meant to be free standing. Base to be provided by you or your contractor. I did not incorporate hanging hardware but if it is your preference to hang it I can fire it again with the wires fired in between the layers.

I include tax with your cash purchase. 

For inquiries call me at 415-215-7422 or you can message me here.

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