Fine Art for Windows- Trees with Base

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A few years ago I moved my studio from a 1500 square foot space in the Bayview District of San Francisco to the California Sierra Nevada foothills. I had the luxury of working in an old Sealy mattress factory with too much space but decided I wanted to be surrounded by nature even if it meant downsizing to a space 1/3 as large. Being surrounded by 80' cedar and pine trees it was hard not to be influenced by their power and beauty.

This nature inspired design looks best in front of a window. Whether you live in the country or the city it will enhance any space in your home. It measures approximately 14"x28". I'm working on making a heavier base for it. I don't think the one shown is substantial enough. Perhaps you or your contractor have an idea on how best to present it. I was thinking a wood round might work.

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Handmade with love in Pollock Pines located in the Ca. Sierra Nevada Foothills and San Francisco.

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