Jellyfish earrings on sterling silver

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Looking for something unique and different? These jellyfish earrings are sure to attract interesting comments and asmiration from your most quirky friends. They are available with or without Herkimer diamonds (18 facets, 2 points,  quartz crystal) that I added to the bottom of the tentacles.

I came up with the idea for these earrings because of the Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Fest. I have lots of beach themed nightlights but not jewelry specifically. This lightweight design is extremely versatile being that the body of the jellyfish is completely neutral and made of natural quartz crystal and the tentacles span the colors of the rainbow.

You won't find inexpensive plated metals in my designs. I offer this collection as shown on sterling silver earwires. Necklace chain also in sterling. 

If you love colorful, modern statement jewelry pieces these may be a perfect choice for you or someone you love. Every creation you see in my shop is personally designed and assembled by me. If you prefer a different color or component let me know and we can do a quick switch. Custom designs are my specialty.

I know it can be challenging to buy jewelry online without trying it on so I offer no questions asked returns but am confident you will love your selections for years to come.

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