24k/Dichroic Flower Nightlight

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This beautiful series is hot off the press. I made this 1 with a light turquoise blue background glass- it is one of my most popular colors.

First I cut little squares and high fire them till they turn into round cabochons & use them for the flower centers. I fire the nightlight then add painted details after removing it from the kiln. Next I apply the sizing in the shape of flower petals. Then I apply the 24 karat gold leaf to the sizing and then I cap with a clear or sparkly painted enamel.

It comes standard with a manual on/off switch or an optional automatic sensor which will turn the bulb on when the room is dark & off when it is light. This feature offers convenience & is energy efficient. A 4 watt bulb is included.

Every nightlight you see here is designed and handcrafted by me. I strive for the end result to be pleasing, elegant, colorful & fun! My hand made nightlights are like miniature works of art and make great gifts!

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