Fused glass bumble bee nightlight

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Are there any gardeners out there? We all know how critical our natural pollenators are to the health of our ecosystem. I present to you one of the most precious.  The harmless honey bee🐝

The unique feature of this Bumble Bee/Honey Bee nightlight is the textured background. I melt 2 layers of glass over "Lava Cloth" which doesn't burn but leaves its impression. It is super cute & really pretty when lit up. I hand paint the bee after firing it in the kiln to 1500 degrees. It measures 3" x 4"

For your convenience an optional automatic sensor is available which will turn it on when the room is dark and off automatically when the room is light. This feature offers convenience and is best if you are concerned with reducing energy usage. A 4 watt bulb is also included.

Every nightlight you see here is personally designed and handcrafted by me. I always strive for the end result to be pleasing, elegant, colorful and fun!