Hipster fashion sunglasses plain or decorated with crystals

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Styling: Plain as-is

This listing is for the tre chic pink and lavender sunglasses either plain as-is or decorated with Swarovski crystals that I applied 1 at a time.

My sunglass offerings are affordable, stylish, elegant and make great gifts!

Women! We love to accessorize...it's in our dna. 2020 marked a shift in my creative journey. I wanted to create things and needed a creative outlet for which I could pour my energy into. A new collection of scarves and sun glasses would be a perfect compliment to the glass. I wanted to create something different with these most feminine of accessories. Swarovski crystals create high quality decorative bling... I love working with them.

If you want the crystals in a different color specify your preference and I'll make them up for you.