Magic Collection Nightlight

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It is my understanding that Dragonflies predate dinosaurs so every time 1 comes across our path or lands nearby I believe it to be a magical experience that brings good luck.

I hope you can appreciate what goes into making this little guy. Each design element is meticulously handcrafted- every wing, body, head, flower petal and stem require the utmost attention to detail when cutting and assembling then firing to melt everything just so. All the parts and pieces required must be placed in a very exacting manner in order for this nightlight design to really shine! 

The dragonflies are one of my most special and precious to create as I spend a lot of time with them. I make them and let them go! They come and go freely through my spirit and I make them for you to enjoy!

A manual on/off switch electrical fixture is included. An optional automatic sensor is available which will turn it on when the room is dark and off automatically when it is light. This feature offers convenience and allows you to take a conservative approach to energy usage. It works best when placed near a window. A 4 watt bulb is included with either option.