21H x 17W Fine Art for Windows- Abstract Vintage Design

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This piece is meant to be free standing. Base to be provided by you or your contractor. I did not incorporate hanging hardware but if it is your preference to hang it I can fire it again with the wires fired in between the layers.

This vintage inspired design and color scheme are quite unique for me. It reminds me of the colors and patterns my mom wore in the sixties. I made it with the intention of suggesting movement. To have a fixed and still piece of fine art that suggests movement is very interesting to me.

Years ago I visited a fort on the California coast and was surprised to learn that glass was a liquid as well as a solid as evidenced by the old window glass. The bottom part of the windows we're significantly thicker than the top part because of gravity which was amazing to me.

Available for pick up or delivery within 100 miles of the San Francisco/San Jose/South Lake Tahoe Corridor. 

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Handmade with love in Pollock Pines located in the Ca. Sierra Nevada Foothills and San Francisco.

I can be reached at 415-215-7422  or danaglassboyko@gmail.com

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