Glass Art for Windows

Looking to add to your art collection? Maybe spruce up a few rooms in your home? I offer artful glass panels made with colors backlit by the sun☀️ They will brighten your interiors and uplift your spirit for years to come.

I present to you a body of work available for pick up or delivery within 100 miles of the San Francisco/San Jose/South Lake Tahoe Corridor. 

I include tax with your cash purchase. 

For inquiries I can be reached at 415-215-7422.

Most of these pieces range from 18"- 24" x 24"- 36" and have hanging hardware inserted between the layers of glass. They show best when hung in front of a window but can also hang on a wall. Pieces that are freestanding are supported by a base provided by you or your contractor. With an additional firing hanging hardware can be incorporated.  


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