Fine Art for Windows- The Shield

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This piece is about Empowerment and Purpose. It brings strength to those who view it. "The Shield" emanates power and protection. It is about taking care of oneself both physically and emotionally. This allows us to move through the world expressing our truest Purposes. Without the feeling of safety we would be aimless.

The visual elements are at once geometric and organic. I included triangular shards of glass to represent the potential for the physical harming of the body. I chose clear pieces which represent the non-visible hurtful things that we especially need protection from.

The Shield is at the center. It centers us and it is within each of us. It is made of glass that looks like matte metal. It has an industrial and "worn" vibe. It is worn from years of its purpose of protection.

The first image shows The Shield in it's hanging upright position. I have incorporated hanging hardware between the layers of glass. If you wish for it to be placed on a surface you or your contractor must provide a base that is heavy and large enough to support this substantial work of art. Base shown is not included.

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Handmade with love in Pollock Pines the Ca. Sierra Nevada Foothills and San Francisco.

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