About Dana Boyko | San Francisco

Dana Boyko | Artrepreneur/Designer

I pursue an innate passion to observe, design & create daily. I am responsible for all design concepts to completed artwork & curated collections. Detailed workmanship, high quality materials & 1-of-a-kind originals are the reasons my customers keep coming back.

Artists channel a harmonious flow of energy to create things. When young people appreciate these creations it is the greatest compliment & speaks to the relevancy of the work.
My experience in the corporate interiors arena informs my approach to the use of color, texture & line to create visually positive & negative spaces.                          
Painting Collection
My paintings are abstract & evocative, simply put.                                                       
Jewelry Collection
I offer intensely saturated & sparkly necklaces & earrings with an aim for modern elegance. I take precise care to ensure a perfect balance between comfort & style.
Your selections are exclusive because my color combinations are custom made.
The designs are architecturally inspired & range from lightweight & small scale to bold statement pieces.
Settings are 14K gold/rose gold filled & bright or oxidized sterling silver.
I also make enamel necklaces where I melt powdered glass enamel & cloisonne wire onto a fine silver base.
Nightlight Collection
These miniature works of art are inspired by nature, plants & animals. I spend hours bringing out the handmade quality of each piece. Enjoy them for years to come!