Silky smooth elegant decor for your wrist, hair & neck. Indulge yourself or someone you love♥️ in beautiful, durable, natural fibers. Lightweight, sheer & sensual... silk can be worn with an understanding that it is to be treated like fine lingerie... to be revered as a couture slice of Heaven! 

Each scarf is created from scratch with a handcrafted vibe. With a little care you can pass them on to the next generation. Just like my mother did!

If you've not seen scarves like this before I'm not surprised...neither have I. My new art form explores something completely different and refreshing. It is a true pleasure to play with materials that aren't heavy, sharp and require lots of heat (pricey) and energy to process. Silk fabric is light, flowy, airy and soft to the touch. Translucence is the only characteristic it shares with glass. So after 25 years of working with glass I diverge. My desire to master tricky materials and techniques as well as my perfectionistic attitude toward detailed hand-eye coordination is necessary to push my designs beyond "just average". If you are discerning you will not be disappointed. Note: I make careful choices in terms of color, shape, hand, texture, weave, scale of materials, etc. 

First I select the finest silk fabric from local Bay Area suppliers including modern and classic colors. I cut perfect squares (no easy feat) and hand sew rolled edges. Next I embellish with Swarovski crystals front and back. All are double knotted with colorful metallic thread.

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