Silky smooth elegant decor for your wrist, hair & neck. For the gal who has everything but this. They make great mask covers too. Luxuriate in durable, natural fibers. Lightweight, sheer & sensual silk is a couture slice of Heaven! 

Each scarf is created from scratch with a handcrafted vibe. 

If you've not seen scarves like this before I'm not surprised...neither have I. This experimental art form was a challenging side project.

My desire to learn something new and to master tricky materials and techniques was made possible with this project. If you are discerning you will not be disappointed. 

First I select the finest silk fabric from local Bay Area suppliers including modern and classic colors. I cut perfect squares (no easy feat) and hand sew rolled edges. Next I embellish with Swarovski crystals and pearls front and back. All are double knotted with colorful metallic thread.

Available in 3 types of fabric:

A) The 100% silk chiffon is a shear lightweight fabric, very soft to the touch & flows breezily with your movements. Available in:

Creamy Ivory Silk Chiffon

Matte Brown Silk Chiffon

Lime Green (with a hint of Olive) Silk Chiffon

B) The sheer black 100% silk organza is a solid, durable medium weight fabric with a bit of a stiff hand. It is like the night sky... the perfect backdrop to set the colors of the embellishments off with a cosmic flare.

C) The ultra sheer poly organza (100% polyester) is a very-very loose weave. This lightweight fabric is available in:

Black- ultra loose weave

Russet Brown- loose weave

Shimmery White- ultra loose weave

Olive Green- loose weave

The ultra sheer organza offers the exact sexy bohemian look I was aiming for. This is the most delicate fabric by far & as such extra care must be taken to protect it from unnecessary harsh wear & tear. This is especially important when used as a wrist decoration which can be more exposed to external elements than a neck scarf.

This collection should be treated like fine lingerie. Hand wash in slightly soapy cold water.

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