Mermaid Necklace

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This multiple dangle necklace design is simple and very pretty. I chose a sterling silver chain finished with an open link so it can be adjusted shorter. The glass stones flash different colors at the same time. Dichroic means 2 colors. 1 color is reflected and an opposite color is transmited which creates flashes of light that change with the movements of your body.

If you're looking for truly unique jewelry look no further. These Mermaid style necklaces are sure to stand out.

I intend for this design to drape close to the neckline. The sterling silver chains are 16" long with 14k gold filled shells.

Design-wise I follow my own sense of what is needed out there. That is what my customers appreciate most about my work...that each design is unique and 1 of a kind.

I use high quality materials & have a keen eye for detail. I offer 14k gold/rose gold filled, bright sterling silver & oxidized sterling silver.

Artisanal style workmanship happens when you invest time and energy, there is no substitute.

Please know that every creation you see in my shop is personally designed, hand cut, fired and assembled by me. If you prefer a different color or component let me know and we can do a quick switch.

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