Sparkle puppy nightlight

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Electrical Fixture: Automatic Sensor

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This listing is for the Sparkle Puppy nightlight shown. I fire the glass then paint the dog design after removing it from the kiln. I almost always add lots of sparkles and a big heart to the Sparkle Puppy design.  If you want a different color message me as I have many in stock and not necessarily shown here.

An optional automatic sensor is available which will turn it on when the room is dark and off automatically when it is light. This feature offers convenience and allows you to take a conservative approach to energy usage. It works best when placed near a window. A 4 watt bulb is also included with the fixture.

I make everything you see here in my shop by cutting large sheets of glass into the component parts that make up the design. I fire everything in a kiln up to about 1350 degrees. I sometimes incorporate metal between the layers of glass and also add painted details to bring out the handmade nature of my work.