24K Gold Floral nightlight

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I make this design first by cutting small squares from sparkly dichroic glass and high firing them into round cabochons. Next I arrange the design and fire it at a low tack fuse temperature which allows the flowers and vase to keep their dimension. Lastly I apply the 24k flower petals and clear enamel to protect the finish. I like to incorporate texture and lots of details in my work making each item a 1 of a kind. It would make a perfect 50th anniversary gift.

Art is Freeing

Art allows a free flow of energy- from the Universe/God through the artist's hands into the finished product. You don't always know what the end result will be when you dive in wholeheartedly. I find this to be a thrilling experience.

Nightlights come standard with a manual on/off switch or an optional automatic sensor which will turn the bulb on when the room is dark and off when it is light. This feature offers convenience, is energy efficient and works best when placed near a window. A 4 watt bulb is included.