Abstract Nightlight w/ Copper Inclusions

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This 1 of a kind nightlight shown is set on a gorgeous Turquoise Blue. The exact nuance of the color of this glass is impossible to capture digitally. I make the design with copper mesh and copper screen sandwiched and melted between the pieces of glass. I cut and manipulate each piece of metal to the desired shape and complete the design with dichroic glass cabochons to create an interesting surface texture. It measures 3" W x 4". 

For your convenience an optional automatic sensor is available which will turn it on automatically when the room is dark and off when the room is light. This feature offers convenience and is best if you are concerned with reducing energy usage. A 4 watt bulb is also included.

Each and every nightlight you see here is designed and handcrafted by me. I shoot for the end result to be pleasing, elegant, colorful and fun!

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