Crystal earrings set on 14k rose gold filled

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Artisanal style work(wo)manship happens when you invest time and energy, there is no substitute.

The beauty of this Swarovski crystal is impossible to capture digitally. It is clear with a warm toned shimmer. I therefore I set it on the rose gold with complimentary sterling silver "computer chip circuit board" component. 

I use 925 sterling silver & 14K gold/rose gold filled components on all jewelry designs so people with sensitivities can wear them too

Each jewelry design is handmade by me 1 at a time making every piece a unique, 1 of a kind experience.

The creations I make are for every day wear and durable enough to sleep in, shower in, etc. The colors and shimmery metallic dichroic glass are the finest you can get and will never wear off. You won't find inexpensive plated metals on of my designs. 

I know it can be challenging to buy jewelry online so I offer no questions asked returns but am confident you will love your selections for years to come.

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