Electrical fixtures and lightbulbs

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For your convenience I've added this listing in case anyone needs extra supplies.
The manual on/off switch is great for people who want to control when the light is on or off. For example, in my kitchen I have this style and I turn the lights on in the day and off at night. 
In my bathroom I opt for the automatic sensor since I don't want to have to remember to turn it on. This feature turns the bulb on automatically when the room is dark and off when the room is light. It is convenientand nearly 100% of the time appeals to men. If you are gifting a man with a unique nightlight definitely get this style. Note: If the room you are putting the nightlight in is say a 2nd bath without a window, the automatic sensor would have the bulb turned on 24/7. In this case I would recommend an on/off switch to conserve energy.
A 4 watt bulb is included with the on/off switch.
A 7 watt bulb is included with the automatic sensor.
Bulbs can be purchased separately.