Kitty Cat nightlight- Hand Painted

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Art is Freeing
Art allows a free flow of energy- from the Universe/God through the artist's hands into the finished product. You don't always know what the end result will be when you dive in wholeheartedly. I find this to be a thrilling experience.

Creating art & appreciating hand made is a wonderful thing.

This is a very special 1 of a kind Kitty Cat nightlight design. Sure to please the most discerning of art appreciators.

I selected this particular shade of Neo-Lavender glass to set this piece off. It's gorgeous and very rare due to the high cost of mining the minerals required to make this color. It is extra special because it has a metallic iridescent surface. We are just lovin' our furry friends.

After I fire the background glass to soften the edges I paint the kitty and voila!

An optional automatic sensor is available which will turn it on when the room is dark and off automatically when it is light. This feature offers convenience and allows you to take a conservative approach to energy usage (even though it is only 4 watts). A 4 watt bulb is also included with the fixture.