Scarf embellished with Swarovski crystals

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This small 11" square wrist scarf is so sexy I can't stand it.  It is made of 100% poly organza loose weave fabric. It is extra extra shear with contrasting thread. Too cute!

This is how I made it:

First I cut perfect squares using a fool proof time-consuming technique then hand finish the edges. As I gained more confidence at doing this I have begun to occasionally use contrasting thread to enhance the handmade quality of the piece. Next I apply Swarovski crystals and pearls to both the front and back with a sturdy metallic thread and I double and sometimes triple knot both ends. This is a very tedious process and well worth it for the effect!

To enhance the visual appeal of this collection I made many choices in terms of color, shape, texture, weave, scale of materials, etc.

I get into a flow... a rhythm when I make these scarves. I chose this time intensive craft because I can now fully focus on such things. I build on my experience of working with color and mastery of tricky materials to keep it interesting and to keep exploring how far I can push my perfectionistic attitude of tackling very detailed hand/eye coordination and implementation.

Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water with a little liquid soap and lay flat on a towel to dry. Enjoy!


About Me

I appreciate hand made objects d'art and the old world style rarely found in America. I am influenced by great artists and designers and pride myself on developing original works of art that are inspired by others. I never copy others. That would be beneath the true artist within.

Art is Freeing

It allows a free flow of energy- from the Universe/God through the artist's hands into the finished product. You don't always know what the end result will be when you dive in wholeheartedly. I find this to be a thrilling experience.

The act of making art stimulates even more creativity & creation is a wonderful thing.