Silk chiffon scarf embellished with Swarovski crystals

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Designed by Dana NOT Been Done Before

This small 11" square wrist scarf* is so cute and sexy I can't stand it. 

The 3 types of fabric I offer for your scarf are:

A) The 100% silk chiffon is a shear lightweight fabric, very soft to the touch and flows breezily with your movements.

Available in: Creamy Ivory Silk Chiffon, Matte Brown Silk Chiffon, Lime Green with a hint of Olive Silk Chiffon

B) The sheer black 100% silk organza is a solid, durable medium weight fabric with a bit of a stiff hand. It is like the night sky... the perfect backdrop to set the colors of the embellishments off with a cosmic flare.

C) The ultra sheer poly organza (100% polyester) is a very-very loose weave. This lightweight fabric is available in:

Black- ultra loose weave

Russet Brown- loose weave

Shimmery White- ultra loose weave (this scarf)*

Olive Green- loose weave

The ultra sheer organza offers the exact sexy bohemian look I was aiming for. This is the most delicate fabric by far and as such extra care must be taken to protect it from unnecessary harsh wear and tear. This is especially important when used as a wrist decoration which can be more exposed to external elements than a neck scarf. Please wear this collection with an understanding that it is to be treated like fine lingerie... revered as a couture slice of Heaven!

This is how I make them

First I cut perfect squares using a fool proof time-consuming technique then hand finish the edges. As I gained more confidence at doing this I have begun to occasionally use contrasting thread to enhance the handmade quality of the piece. Next I apply Swarovski crystals and pearls to both the front and back with a sturdy metallic thread and I double and sometimes triple knot both ends. This is a very tedious process and well worth it for the effect!

To enhance the visual appeal of this collection I made many choices in terms of color, shape, texture, weave, scale of materials, etc.

I get into a flow... a rhythm when I make these scarves. I chose this time intensive craft because I can now fully focus on such things. I build on my experience of working with color and mastery of tricky materials to keep it interesting and to keep exploring how far I can push my perfectionistic attitude of tackling very detailed hand/eye coordination and implementation.

Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water with a little liquid soap and lay flat on a towel to dry. Enjoy!

About Me

I appreciate hand made objects d'art and the old world style rarely found in America. I am influenced by great artists and designers and pride myself on developing original works of art that are inspired by others. I never copy others. That would be beneath the true artist within.

Art is Freeing

It allows a free flow of energy- from the Universe/God through the artist's hands into the finished product. You don't always know what the end result will be when you dive in wholeheartedly. I find this to be a thrilling experience.

The act of making art creates even more creativity... creation is a wonderful thing.

After 25 years of working with glass I diverge. My new art form explores something completely different and refreshing. It is a true pleasure to learn a new way of expressing myself and my creativity. There is nothing more physically different than glass than lightweight sheer fabric. Glass is heavy, sharp and requires lots of heat and energy to process it into a finished object. Silk fabric on the other hand is light, flowing, airy and softly tactile. Translucence is the only shared characteristic.