Swarovski crystal jewelry

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I created this popular design using a faceted oval shaped Swarovski crystal. It measures 15mm x 11mm which is perfect for tcomfort and style.  These crystals are easy to wear... light, reflective and can be dressed up or down.

Swarovski based in Austria offers the finest in man made non leaded crystal. Women with fine taste all over the world look gorgeous wearing Swarovski.

Necklaces are shown on 1mm sterling silver box chains. This crystal component is no in production so there are only 2 faceted colors to choose from. 

Vitrail Light compliments silver haired gals or those of you looking for neutral toned jewelry that can be worn with anything.

The Sahara works beautifully with brown or green eyed gals with an olive toned complexion. It reflects gorgeous shades of earthy topaz, olivine, peridot and deep blue.

The Bermuda Blue and Volcano are sold out.